Bead - designer jewellery by Blanka NOVAK featuring Czech handmade lampwork glass beads
designer jewellery by Blanka Novak featuring Czech handmade lampwork glass beads


Blanka at work

Blanka was born in the Czech Republic, in the western part of the former Czechoslovakia. After graduating from the college of economics she started working as a bank officer. Twisted paths of fate in the post communist country led her all the way to the presidential office in Prague - working as a secretary to the wife of President Vaclav Havel. Having tried the ups and downs of a high class job in the capital she retreated to the quieter lifestyle of her home town of Liberec, teaching computers courses for adults.

The year 2001 brought another change to Blanka's life, when she moved to Australia with her husband Miroslav. Here they traveled the country in a search of their new home, finally settling down in Canberra. When their daughter Anika was born in April 2003, Blanka adopted new skill. While being full time mother, she started designing her own jewellery as well. With her roots in northern Bohemia, she did not have to go far for inspiration.

In her designs Blanka uses exclusively Czech glass beads, all of which are made within 50 kilometres around her home town of Liberec. The main feature of her jewellery is handmade lampwork beads, which have been traditionally crafted in the area since 18th century. Every single bead is a little unique original, produced piece by piece over the gas lamp by individual artists and small studios.

Blanka is proud to bring her bit of a Czech tradition to you.

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